Catalyst Vineyard Church


When Jesus was on the earth, people were attracted to him. They were drawn by his unique and powerful message. One word explains why people through the ages have responded so passionately to what Jesus said and did. That word is grace.

(1) UNDESERVABLE: Sunday, December 1st

There is an unsettling solution for just about everything, and wecan sum it up one word – grace. It’s the undeserved, unearned,unearnable favor that Jesus came to offer us. 

So why wouldn’t we want Christianity to be true? And where should you start if grace was never a part of the equation for you?

Undeservable Message Notes

(2) DON’T DO THE MATH: Sunday, December 8th

The kingdom of God is characterized by unsettling generosity —the kind of generosity that gives the undeserving what they don’t deserve and regardless of how unright we’ve been, makes us right with God. 

So what do we do when we’re faced with this math that doesn’t add up? And how do we respond to this unfair, unsettling system that Jesus came to invite us into?

Don’t Do the Math Message Notes

(3) DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE: Sunday, December 15th

God’s grace to us is an invitation to be amazing. It’s our chance to extend to others what God has freely extended to us. But while most of us are full of something . . . it’s usually not grace. 

So what are you full of? And what would it take for you to give someone what they don’t expect? Or deserve?

Do You See What I See Message Notes