Catalyst Vineyard Church


After a five-year journey of exploring planting a church in Downtown Ithaca, the Murrays and the Catalyst Launch Team started weekly services in late August 2015 with 100 people in attendance.



John & Kathy Murray started the church with meetings in their living room in March 2015. By May that year they transitioned to monthly services at The Kitchen Theatre, and later commenced weekly services the last Sunday of August. The church has grown from a handful of adults and children to approximately 80 adults and 35 children.

Catalyst Vineyard Church was officially recognized as a member of the Vineyard USA Community of Churches and as a not-for-profit religious corporation in New York State in April of 2015.  The Vineyard USA is a network of 1,500 churches worldwide, committed to seeing each generation reached by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Birthed in the late 1970s in Southern California and led by the late John Wimber, the Vineyard Movement has become one of the most influential church movements of the 20th-21st centuries.

Church belongs in the middle of the marketplace, and should be the most creative place on the planet.
- John Murray, Founding Pastor