Catalyst Vineyard Church


Most of us want 2020 to be better than last year. We start off with good intentions by making commitments to improve but we inevitably end up not following through. Better requires a bit of honest and awkward evaluation. It requires some honest and awkward transparency as well. Commitment isn’t enough. You must be connected because life is better when someone can see what you can’t.

Maybe we need to be connected to truly experience better?

(1) the banana king: Sunday, february 9th

If you want this year to be better than last year, here’e several questions to consider – What are you holding onto that’s holding you back? What are you holding onto that actually has a hold on you? What are you still holding onto that people around you are wishing you would let go of?

If you’re holding onto something that’s making a monkey out of you, maybe it’s time to let go of the banana and run.

The Banana King Message Notes

(2) better together: Sunday, february 16th

We all want to be known for something, but what we really need is to be known by someone. Maybe you’re already known for something, but are you really known by anyone? Culture tells us to protect our image! Jesus says to drop the image and allow him to go to work on us. How? Through being real with others around us. Once you’re real, you get known. The imaginary you does not have time for this, but the real you is dying for it. Life is better connected. Life is better together!

Better Together Message Notes