Catalyst Vineyard Church


Welcome to Wonderland

What do you wonder?

We all have a framework that helps us make sense out of life. It helps us make decisions that make sense. But we wonder about some things because our frame of reference doesn’t provide all the answers.

(1) CENTER OF THE WORLD – Sunday, December 2nd

We wonder because our frame of reference doesn’t provide us with all of the answers. As our frame of reference changes or expands, some mysteries are solved. Some remain mysterious. So what do you do with the big mysteries in life—the mysteries that won’t resolve no matter how much we explore them? 

What do you do with your unanswered questions?

Center of the World Message Notes

(2) SHOW AND TELL – Sunday, December 9th

We wonder because our frame of reference doesn’t provide us with all of the answers. Every version of religion works for children. But then life happens. We experience challenging circumstances that sow doubt in our childhood faith. Tragedy causes us to question if God is good and loving. Sin leads to guilt and shame. We wonder if God can really love us. Is there such a thing as a frame of reference that can accommodate a grown-up faith?

What is the faith you’re losing fixed on and fastened to?

Show and Tell Message Notes

(3) FAITH – Sunday, December 16th

We all wonder. When we fix our eyes somewhere other than on God, wonder leads to wander. If you’ve wandered from the faith or are looking for the door, it’s not because of Jesus. You may think Christianity requires mind-numbing, experience-denying faith, but what if that’s not true?

What was the faith you lost fixed on and fastened to?

Faith Message Notes