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The Kingdom Parables – A Discovery Bible Series

Jesus used parables or what we would call relatable stories to simplify profound spiritual truths. The gospel of Matthew has the largest collection of these kingdom parables. In Matthew’s gospel Jesus repeatedly states that “The kingdom of heaven is like” … and then he tells a story on a simple common subject to illustrate a deeper truth about the Kingdom of God.

We hope you’ll join us by following along using the The Kingdom Parables Study Guide and the How to Launch a DBS Guide.

(1) Sunday, March 27th – The Four Soils

(2) Sunday, April 3rd – The Weeds

(3) Sunday, April 10th – The Mustard Seed & The Yeast

(4) Sunday, April 17th – The Hidden Treasure & The Pearl

(5) Sunday, April 24th – The Net

(6) Sunday, May 1st – The Lost Sheep

(7) Sunday, May 8th – The Unmerciful Servant

(8) Sunday, May 15th – The Vineyard Workers

(9) Sunday, May 22nd – The Two Sons

(10) Sunday, May 29th – The Vineyard Tenants

(11) Sunday, June 5th – The Wedding Banquet

(12) Sunday, June 12th – The Ten Virgins

(13) Sunday, June 19th – The Bags of Gold

(14) Sunday, June 26th – The Sheep & The Goats