Catalyst Vineyard Church


Rooted in the new song lyrics of Vineyard Worship’s All Things Rise this series centers around the historic goodness of God and His creative power personified in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and his new creation.

(1) FREE & BOUNDLESS – Sunday, April 7th

The Lord is good! In fact, God’s goodness is one of the principle revelations in scripture. This goodness of God is both free and boundless and it is on display in all of creation.

God’s goodness is an invitation to wake up and live from another narrative.

Free & Boundless Message Notes

(2) LOVE’S OCCUPATION – Sunday, April 14th

We are made both be loved and to demonstrate love. Just like Joseph from a well, or a prison, and Jesus from a tomb, everyone who awakens to their Father’s love can expect the power of resurrection to be at work within them.

Do you know the Father’s love and what would that love require of you?

Love’s Occupation Message Notes

(3) RAISED UP (EASTER SUNDAY) – Sunday, April 21st

If you think Jesus was a great leader and teacher, but find it hard to believe in his resurrection, you’re in good company. Even his disciples were skeptical.But those same followers were the ones who would later become the witnesses for a new movement: the church. 

Our message is first and foremost a declaration of who God is (Jesus) and what He has done for us by the death and resurrection of Jesus which is our good news. 

Raised Up Message Notes